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Hardware Services

Hardware problems are now easily solved with Care Comp. These problems will be promptly solved with no wastage of your valuable time as we know your problem, nowadays everything is on your computer with its crash you are crashed.

Care Comp’s Hardware team is committed to providing maximum uptime and helping retailers to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO) by recommending and delivering sound hardware solutions, starting from procurement, through implementation, ongoing support, and maintenance. With this objective in mind, we consistently research our vast install base and determine the ideal platform to help Care Comp clients maximize the return on their hardware investment. 

With our team of experts deploying, supporting and maintaining this substantial market-share, Care Comp knows first hand what hardware platforms yield the best results, and we have also seen the platforms that have cost our clients millions of dollars in downtime and extreme TCO, and everything in between.

Care Comp will help your organization determine and size up the right solution that makes sense when combining budget and performance, and will then assist you with building a well-defined service model to ensure your project is a success.

As a Care Comp client, you can take advantage of the comprehensive hardware solutions and services we offer:

  • In-depth discovery/needs assessment
  • Systems design
  • Component selection
  • Manufacturer negotiations
  • System integration and testing
  • Pilot testing
  • Purchasing, staging, and deployment
  • Support options

Care Compís one-stop shopping for your retail software and hardware maximizes the value of your investment, up-front and long term. Not only does it ensure your system is ideally matched to your needs, it also ensures you have a convenient, single source for all your future requirements, and 24/7/365 access to professionals who understand your entire system from the inside out.

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